Our No-Stress Simple Junk Hauling Pricing

You Pay Per The Trailer Space Used

Check out our general pricing guide. We charge per trailer space used in our 14′ long, 7′ wide, 4′ tall trailers. Some junk may require special accommodations and/or special quotes.

1/4 Trailer: $99-$199
1/2 Trailer: $250-$350
3/4 Trailer: $375-$425
Full Trailer: $500+


Graphs are not meant to serve as a literal pricing guide. Some junk hauls may require additional labor and additional dump fees depending on the junk. While most junk will fit within our pricing guide, please contact us for a more accurate quote. When you contact us, you will be connected with a real person without having to go through countless prompts, unlike other companies that rely on smart or dumb virtual assistants.

Barter Your Junk Haul to Receive King-Sized Discounts

Low on Cash? Credit reaching its limits? Do you have items of potential value? We may discount up to 100% off your junk haul! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help for FREE!

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